1. Refreshing ideas for Yorkshire Day

    Refreshing ideas for Yorkshire Day

    From North Yorkshire down to South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire and East Yorkshire in between, the folk of ‘God’s own country’ will be out celebrating our county’s rich traditions this Yorkshire Day. The White Rose as been used to symbolise the House of York for over 500 years but it wasn’t until the 1960s that a flag bearing the White Rose of York first appeared. The Yorkshire Ridings Society pushed for recognition of the county’s flag, resulting in the flag been registered by the Flag Institute on....

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  2. England Cricket World Cup 2019 Winners

    England Cricket World Cup Winners 2019

    The 2019 Cricket World Cup final had the nation gripped as the result went right down to the wire, before we could all rejoice in collective euphoria. After seven weeks of fantastic cricket, and the tournament having already provided it’s fair share of ups and downs (including for England), kept us all on the edge as even the Super Over failed to put daylight between New Zealand and England. In the end it was down to how many boundaries each time had scored.... .

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  3. Scotland’s tourism industry in fine health

    Scotland’s tourism industry in fine health

    It can boast Britain’s third oldest university (St Andrew’s 1410) and St Andrew’s the ‘Cathedral of Golf’ is regarded as the oldest golf course in the world. It’s ‘firewater’ Scotch Whisky is exported the world over.

    Steeped in Celtic culture and traditions, its rugged Highland’s and deep lochs, steeped in legend continue to attract visitors from all nations. In 2018 the sound of the pipes attracted a total of 3.4 overseas visitors, generating an impressive £2.4 billion in revenue. Up by 29% on 2017. Visitor numbers from across the UK were also up by 11% on the previous years figures.

    While the UK as a whole saw a a drop of around 2% in visitors from across Europe, Scotland bucked the trend with 29% more visitors from Europe. While England and Wales returned a verdict to leave the EU in .... .

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  4. The enduring appeal of Volkswagen’s ‘Love Bug’

    The enduring appeal of Volkswagen’s ‘Love Bug’

    The Volkswagen Beetles popular appeal has made it one of the most iconic classic cars of all time, immortalised as Disney’s ‘Love Bug’ in Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo and Herbie Goes Bananas, but it’s origins are a far cry from Tinsel Town.

    In 1934 the Nazi government in Germany began developing a car that was affordable and reliable. Dr. Ferdinand Porsche was given the task of designing the Type 1 car. A new company was set up in May, 28, 1937 and changed to ‘Volkswagenwerk Gmbh’ (Peoples Car Works) the following year, with the main factory at Wolfsburg.

    Before production could get underway on the ’Kafer’ (Beetle) war broke out and efforts were diverted to military production. A light general purpose car known as the ‘Kublewagen’ was developed. This was a basic flat panelled version of the Beetle with a retractable canvas top which was the Wehrmacht’s version of the jeep .....

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  5. Sheena Was A Punk Rocker

    Sheena Was A Punk Rocker

    Often hailed as ‘the first punk rock band’, the Ramones came out of New York’s Queen’s area in 1974… Never a big unit shifter, but the Ramones influence was felt across the USA and in the UK. Their main influences came from the garage rock scene of the early seventies.

    That and a smattering of girl bands and sixties surf sounds. Stringing out some long rapsody wasn’t in the Ramones DNA. They embraced the three minute single thrashed out with three chord energy.

    The band comprised of Joey Ramone (Vocals) Johnny Ramone (Guitar) Tommy Ramone (Drums) and Dee Dee Ramone (Bass). Not an actual family relationship, each member traded their actual surnames for that of the band name. Sadly ..

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  6. Is This a Man’s World?

    Is This a Man’s World?

    Throughout history there have been many people who have broken the mould and done immense things.

    Acts of courage, daring, ingenuity and creativity. In every culture, in every corner of the globe there are those who step forward and change the world.

    Has James Brown’s song points out ‘This is a man’s world’, and so greatness as traditionally been bestowed upon the males of our species. But Brown concludes ‘It would be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl’. Anyone who ever got somewhere as had to struggle to achieve their potential, but for women that mountain has been .......

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  7. Cornwall - Kernow Onen Hag Oll

    Cornwall - Kernow Onen Hag Oll

    Its rugged coastline and wild moorland have played a major role in the history of this Celtic land. Steeped in legend and mystery, Cornwall as long been a magnet for artists, writers and filmmakers.

    Recognised as an area of outstanding natural beauty, Cornwall was settled by The Celts who came across from what we know today as Brittany when a land bridge connected Britain and europe who founded the county’s unique cultural identity. The Romans only ventured a s far as Exeter as beyond was considered too wild and no viable ports could be established along it’s rocky coastline

    This remoteness combined with the treacherous coast played a big role in the rise of smugglers keen on avoiding import taxes on spirits and other goods. Copper and tin were mined in Cornwall from the Bronze Age upward and with the invention .......

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  8. Time to give your shed a check over

    Time to give your shed a check over

    At this time of year our attention turns to tidying up the garden and getting it looking a little less tatty. Shifting all those dead leaves and plant remains from last Autumn, making way for all the Spring bulbs to push through.

    FIt's also a good time to check over those sheds and other outdoor features to make sure they are in good shape over the winter. Cold temperatures and winds can play havoc with roofing felt, so it's essential they are ......

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  9. The Lure Of The Russian Doll

    The Lure Of The Russian Doll

    I’m not sure what it is about the nesting Russian doll that holds such a fascination, but the attraction of them is something that continues to compel from childhood into our adult lives.

    First fashioned in China about 1000 they then spread across to Japan where they were used to create the Seven Lucky Gods or Shichi-Fukujin. The first doll would bear the image of Fukurojuro, the god of happiness, who would then open to reveal the six other Lucky Gods. The wife of a wealthy Russian named Savva Mamontov saw one of the Japanese dolls who then described it ......

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  10. Talking ‘bout My Generation

    Talking ‘bout My Generation

    Convoys of parka clad youths streaming their way down to Brighton on a Bank Holiday to settle some score with their leather-clad foes, the Rockers, is probably the most common image that comes to mind when the term ‘Mod’ is mentioned.

    Coming from the word ‘Modernist’, it’s roots can be traced back to Jazz clubs of the late ......

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