A Festival of Rugby

A Festival of Rugby

A Festival of Rugby

Now in it’s 125 year (2019) the Rugby Union Six-Nations Championship continues to grow in popularity and support, with followers of each nation getting behind their teams with passion.

Kicking off in 1882 the Six-Nations is the oldest Rugby competition in the world. Originally conceived as the Home Nations Championship comprising of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales it became the Five Nations Championship when France joined the competition in 1910, expanding to six when Italy entered in 2000.

Unlike association football, where many of the ‘watchers’ will be there as corporate invitations, the rugby Six-Nations is passionately supported by paying fans, fired up with national pride for their teams. It’s also a way in which those supporters can get behind their flags in a positive way. A way in which they can evoke Wallace’s Flower of Scotland or the Lionheart of England.

There are also those driven to dilema, whose ancestry means their loyalties can be divided. Myself I have Irish ancestry which can be a bit of a mare when the teams of the Emerald Isle and England clash on the turf at Twickenham. A friend of mine as similar issues when Ireland and Scotland meet. It can have a advantage though, as it helps create interest across the competition as a whole.

Face painting, wooly hats, scarves, jackets and umbrellas, there’s no end to the way fans can show their allegiance. When it’s chilly in the stands there’s nothing better than a warm drink. It’s also another way that you can display your support with a mug emblazoned with the flag of your nation, like the colourful one’s I discovered at GalaxyXtra.com.

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