When we think of classic cars Citroens 2cv is right up there with the mini and Fiat 500. Quirky to look at, it’s semi-circular shape lent it to be known affectionately known as the ‘demi boite de Camembert’.

First conceived in the 1930s, the deux chevaux (two horse power) was France’s ‘people’s car’. Designed to be small and robust, yet within reach of the average French citizen’s finances. However, the German Army invaded France and it wasn’t until after the war in 1948 that the first 2cv rolled off the production line.

From starring in James Bond ‘For Your Eye’s Only’ to holding its own on the bends of the Nurburgring the Citroen 2cv as always kept away from the shadows, bright and cheerful they are a firm favourite at car rallies throughout the summer. You can even take a tour of Paris in one of these legendary voitures.

The 2cv’s beautiful design made it an instant choice when we were planning our classic car range. Plus the choice of colour styles was a pure joy to re-create on our 11oz ceramic mugs. Already becoming as adored as the real thing, our Citroen 2CV mug is just perfect to sit back and enjoy a brew, while admiring your ‘Dolly’, ‘Charleston’ or ‘Sahara’.