Dad’s Taxi

Dad’s Taxi

You’re just settling down to watch the footy. Tinny in hand ready to crack the ring pull when the phone goes…

An all too familiar scenario for us dad’s as te daughter or son as missed the last bus and you have to put everything on hold to go and rescue them.

According to a recent survey by Sainsbury’s Bank dad’s can clock up around twenty two days during their lifetime just waiting around to pick their children up. Each week it is not uncommon to find dad’s racking up an hour and twenty three minutes each week just sitting around waiting for their offsprings activity to finish. This worked out at around twenty minutes longer than their wives did!

On the plus side dad’s did say that it gave them more time to talk with their kids on the journey, so it’s not all in vain.

Plus you can always remind them not to forget Dad’s Taxi when Father's Day comes around!

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