Family friendly pubs weren’t always that way

Family friendly pubs weren’t always that way

Out and about in Thornton one day with friends who had two small children. It was getting near lunchtime and we were looking for a suitable spot to get a bite to eat. The birthplace of the Bronte’s in late winter is always chilly and we pulled in at a pub near the cross roads beyond the village.

It wasn’t too full and a warm fire flickered invitingly. My friend enquired at the bar and we expected to be shown to some cozy corner to sit and get everyone settled. Imagine the look of shock on our face when we were led to some chilly back room with large single glazed windows which was the epitome of uninviting.

That was what qualified as the family room back in 1980 and the concept of hospitality had not yet reached pubs. Children, even with families, were not encouraged into what was considered an adult domain in those days.

Fast forward 38 years and attitudes are a million miles away from that cold back room. Pubs have had to diversify immensely in what is a very competitive market. Hospitality, good food, a wide selection of drinks and above all a family friendly environment. Some have even added ‘play gyms’ for the kids while for others it’s the convenience of the carvery which is popular amongst youngsters and parents alike.

Pubs these days go to great lengths to accommodate families and our room signs are a popular favourite with pubs, especially the ‘Family Room’ sign. Made from solid wood with its own wire hanger it’s ready to hang in your chosen location. The distressed paint finish and funky typeface create an altogether more inviting environment. They could also be a fantastic addition to your own home……

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