Notebooks... Life’s essential companions

Notebooks... Life’s essential companions

Notebooks... Life’s essential companions

Brightly coloured with unicorns, plain black covers, blue covers held shut by elastic. Smooth moleskin or warm leatherette. Ruled or unruled, note books come in many shapes and sizes, and their uses can be as diverse as the people who use them.

Recipes, weekly accounts, messages, doodling, planting ideas and times for the keen gardener, genealogical research, their use knows no limits. Whatever your preferences they are just the thing for keeping words in the right place.

For writers they are the perfect arena for trashing out ideas and plots. I know of some creative types who can use more than twelve notebooks to explore and develop their novels as they rework a chapter.

Some people like ruled or smooth, white paper, but for me it’s the high quality cream, slightly rough page that brings out the creative in me. There’s something about the feel of pen or pencil, an interaction with the paper that compels me to write that little bit better than on cheaper paper.

Wherever I go I take my notebook. There’s always sentence or passage that you think you’ll remember, then a month on and guess what? That interesting passage you think will work just right in your blog as completely disappeared from your head!

The other week I found this cool notebook with the band Queen’s iconic crest on the front. Now there’s a notebook to induce creativity. 183 pages of high quality white paper with full colour cover printed front and back, FSC certified. Complete with elasticated page holder & ribbon bookmark. At £9.97 with FREE UK shipping it’s a real bargain from

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