Looking for Valentine’s gifts can sometimes be a little daunting when you are searching for that special something for your significant other. Here at GalaxyXtra we have a beautiful range of products to help you in your quest for that unique present.

From romantic to sweet, we have a range of hearts, plaques and mugs to help you find that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your special Valentine.

Spread the love with our super romantic wooden heart hangers. With quotes and messages you’ll be sure to find the perfect saying. Great hanging hearts with sentiments truly inspired by love.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas 1

How about a hug in a mug? These wonderful ceramic mugs with their bright, bold designs are just perfect to help your Valentine think of you.

If you are an absolute crazy romantic you could be totally Bee-Sotted by our range of mini-magnetic plaques which are designed to hang in a cozy place or adorn your fridge. Or our feline themed mini-magnetic plaques could be just puuuuuurfect for cat lovers to give your Valentine a warm fuzzy glow.