1. Craft Beers & Micro Pubs

    beer lover wooden plaque

    Today’s new ‘beer cafes’ are a far cry from the smokey bars with their nicotine stained walls and Saturday nights down at the social club pint of bitter, mild or lager to block out the noise of the latest ‘turn’. There are those who lament those smokey dens more than I, but times have changed and so has the UK's drinking habits. Of recent years here has been a rise in micro pubs and .....

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  2. No Tricks - Just Plenty of Treats

    No Tricks - Just Plenty of Treats

    For those of us who can remember growing up in the 1960s and 70s Halloween was a time we used to fashion our own spooky costumes and go round peoples houses to greet them with ‘Happy Halloween’. It was a common thing to give kids a few ’coppers’ back then. We didn’t want sweets. You couldn’t buy bangers with sweets. Halloween was always seen as an opportunity to .....

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  3. It’s Wine O’Clock Somewhere

    It’s Wine O’Clock Somewhere

    We all enjoy a glass of wine whether it’s with a meal or to unwind with after a hard day at the ‘coal face’. It also helps to liberate a few of those tales you would much rather keep bottled up when out with friends!

    Some ellevate the appreciation of wine to an artform. Not for them the ‘let’s neck the whole bottle’ approach. That would be a sacrilege. Afine wine must be savoured, the fullness of body, the richness of colour, aroma and of course flavours are to be drawn out and expressed in words such as petrol, tobacco or earthy. Much to the amazement .....

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  4. Cheerful plaques to brighten pet owners homes

    Cheerful plaques to brighten pet owners homes

    Our pets are more than just dogs or cats to us. They are members of our family with their own characters and traits. From sleeping in your sock drawer to making off with your best slippers, there’s no end of fun and mischief they can get up to.

    When anyone new comes to a dog owners house they are not going to get inside the door without the pooch giving them the once over. How many pet owners prefer their pets to kids? Quite a few I can tell you! .....

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