1. Ireland’s ‘Water of Life’

    Ireland’s ‘Water of Life’

    The Celts called it ‘uisce beatha’ the Gaelic term for ‘water of life’... Over time ‘Uisce’ became Anglicised and known as ‘whiskey’. Although the origins of how distilling the spirit are not known it is thought that Irish monks on their travels to the Holy Lands learned how to distil perfume from the people of the Middle East and used the method to turn barley into spirits. The first record of what we know as Whiskey was recorded in Ireland in 1405, around one hundred years before it was made in Scotland ......

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  2. Craft Beer & Micro Breweries

    Craft Beer & Micro Breweries

    Today’s new ‘beer cafes’ are a far cry from the smokey bars with their nicotine stained walls and Saturday nights down at the social club, pint of bitter, mild or lager to block out the noise of the latest ‘turn’. There are those who lament those smokey dens more than I, but times have changed and so has the UKs drinking habits. Of recent years there has been a rise in micro pubs and ......

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  3. Scotland’s tourism industry in fine health

    Scotland’s tourism industry in fine health

    It can boast Britain’s third oldest university (St Andrew’s 1410) and St Andrew’s the ‘Cathedral of Golf’ is regarded as the oldest golf course in the world. It’s ‘firewater’ Scotch Whisky is exported the world over.

    Steeped in Celtic culture and traditions, its rugged Highland’s and deep lochs, steeped in legend continue to attract visitors from all nations. In 2018 the sound of the pipes attracted a total of 3.4 overseas visitors, generating an impressive £2.4 billion in revenue. Up by 29% on 2017. Visitor numbers from across the UK were also up by 11% on the previous years figures.

    While the UK as a whole saw a a drop of around 2% in visitors from across Europe, Scotland bucked the trend with 29% more visitors from Europe. While England and Wales returned a verdict to leave the EU in .... .

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  4. Is This a Man’s World?

    Is This a Man’s World?

    Throughout history there have been many people who have broken the mould and done immense things.

    Acts of courage, daring, ingenuity and creativity. In every culture, in every corner of the globe there are those who step forward and change the world.

    Has James Brown’s song points out ‘This is a man’s world’, and so greatness as traditionally been bestowed upon the males of our species. But Brown concludes ‘It would be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl’. Anyone who ever got somewhere as had to struggle to achieve their potential, but for women that mountain has been .......

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  5. The First Day of Spring

    The First Day of Spring

    Weather persons have their own view on it and for the sake of tidiness, like to round up the beginning of Spring at the beginning of March, but for those who like to follow the traditions of marking the seasons it’s always March 21st, The Vernal Equinox.

    The word ‘equinox’ comes from the latin “aequus” and translates to equal. Its use in both the Vernal and Autumnal Equinox is thought to have its origins in a term for ‘equal light’ and the length of night and day is almost equal at these times of year .......

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